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MPM Production

     MPM Production Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Prague and since its foundation has focused on the production and distribution of plastic model kits together with other kits made from additional materials in a variety of model scales and subjects.

     In 1990 MPM started to produce and distribute vac-formed kits containing small parts using injection casting technology. The first complete injected kit appeared in 1991, a Bücker Bu181 in 1/72 scale, produced using the so-called “Short Run” technology. MPM was one of the pioneers in the world to introduce the production method of “Short Run” kits and these kits were, and still are, popular with modelers and collectors alike around the world although the technology involved only allows for a small series production run unlike the usual metal (steel) mold injection method. The focus is on the hand made kit pattern being used directly for the mold manufacture with the mold itself being made of special heat resistant epoxy resins. As a result, the quality of the particular batches can sometimes vary as the resultant molds are extremely fragile and the quality cannot compare to the metal types. Despite these drawbacks MPM has, in successive steps, reached the top echelon of kit manufacturers with its “Short Run” kits whilst on several occasions, been awarded and honored at trade exhibitions and model shows throughout the world.

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