Blohm & Voss BV 155V-1 1/72

Product Code: 100-SH72340
Product EAN: 8594071086442
Manufacturer: SPECIAL HOBBY s.r.o.

18.69 €
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Origin: german
Type: Aircraft
Product: Plastic kits
Era: Word War II
Scale: 1/72
Edition: Special Hobby
Weight:0.3036 kg
Instruction Sheet
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   The Blohm Voss BV 155B was supposed to become the very  weapon to stop the new American B-29 high altitude bombers. However, these magnificent machines were sent to the Pacific area instead and the development of the BV 155B was not brought to a successful finish. The development had really been rather complicated, originally taking place at Messerschmitt facility under designation  the Me 155, originally intended to be a naval fighter for the planned but never finished Graf Zeppelin carrier. As the requirements of the RLM changed with time, the type was also redesigned to perform as a high altitude machine, the Me155B. The Messerschmitt development team was overburden with several other projects, so the RLM  decided to transfer the project work to Blohm Voss, where, however, the Blohm Voss' chief designer Richard Voght considered the project to be quite bad and eventually redesigned it completely. The type's designation changed as well to the BV155, and the new plane was much larger with a long span wing. A four-bladed propeller was driven by a turbo-charged DB 603U engine, with engine radiators hung under the wing. The first BV155V-1 made its maiden flight on 1 September 1944, equipped with a pressurized cockpit and a Rb 50/30 camera behind the pilot's seat. The planned armament was to consist of a 30 mm MK108 cannon in the propeller shaft and two 20mm MG151/20 cannon in the wings. Several problems occurred during the first flights, although the team was able to tackle some of them eventually. Another two prototypes, the V- 2 and V-3 had were also partially built. Richard Voght considered also the BV155C, a version which was to have its radiator in the forward fuselage. However, the advancing British troops brought an end to all these plans when they seized the Blohm Voss factory and also Hamburg-Finkerwerder airfield. The RAF supposedly test-flown the BV155, or at least an inventory number was assigned to the type. At first, the Bv155 was sent to the UK, consequently over the pond to the USA. Nowadays, the already incomplete machine is stored at the National Air and Space Museum depository.
 The BV 155B V1 model kit set had already been in production before in so called short run form. It is long sold out  now. This new release is a different model produced partly using steel tooling. It comes on three grey styrene sprues, one with clear parts and two detail resin cast items.

-    re-release of highly sought-after model
-    unusually-shaped airframe
-    no-one else produces the BV 155 in decent quality. Our earlier short run model was taken and copied by ART Model company, including the instruction sheet. Be aware of this bad quality thing

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