Avro Anson Mk. I

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Reissue Reissue Last Chance Last Chance
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The reissue of this successful model offers (besides of a new box) original sprues, two frames of pa
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Avro Anson Mk. I
In April 1934 Air Ministry issued specifications for new coastal anti-submarine patrol aircraft. It was addressed to several companies but also to Avro. The chosen designs were De Havilland DH-89M and Avro 652A. Both aircraft were derived from civilian version. Avro 652A was designed for crew of three with one fixed machine gun in nose and one flexible in dorsal turret. The bomb bay designed to carry anti-submarine bombs was located in center wing section. The first prototype of the military version took off on March 24, 1934. It showed excellent range, endurance and generally higher performances than DH-89M. Avro won the competition. The production machines were designated Anson Mk.I and were delivered to RAF from the beginning of 1935. Ansons were also exported to Australia, Finland, Ireland, Egypt and others. They were used by RAF for anti-submarine patrols. Since 1939-40 they were started to be replaced by Hudsons. During the war the main Ansons’ main role was crew training. Considering Commonwealth the Ansons were standard aircraft for aerial training. Ansons were in dismounted state also delivered to Canada where it got several types of engines. According to the used engines the aircraft were designated Anson Mk.II and III. Some aircraft were also taken over by USAAF and designated them as AT-20. Later on a license production was started in Canada and further development. Newer Canadian versions got different fuselage with plywood skinning.
The reissue of this successful model offers (besides of a new box) original sprues, two frames of parts made of grey plastic, one frame of clear parts, resin parts and etchings. The decals offer three Ansons in RAF camouflage.
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