F-86K "NATO All Weather Fighter"

Art.Nr.: 100-SH48123 Produkt-Nummer: 8594071083847
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Scale 1/48
Type Aircraft
Edition Special Hobby
Product Plastic kits
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F-86K "NATO All Weather Fighter"
In accordance to US Mutual Defense Assistance Program for NATO AFs the simplified version of F-86D was designed. It was designated F-86K. North American produced several aircraft but the main production was shifted to Italian Fiat where the license production had started. F-86K was put in service to air forces of Italy, Holland, Norway, France and Germany. The older machines were later purchased by Turkey and Venezuela.
The kit SH48123 contains three sprues with grey plastic parts and injected clear parts. Decals are for three machines, all of them in natural metal finish. Italian and Dutch aircraft wear the unit marking on the vertical fin. The most fancy is the Norwegian aircraft that sports unit marking, shark mouth and art drawing of a dog. Generous stencils are particular for each of the three aircraft.
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