model 339C/ D Buffalo Mk. I

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Easter Easter
Scale plastic kit of Aircraft model 339C/D Buffalo Mk.I
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Scale 1/32
Product Plastic kits
Type Aircraft
Edition Special Hobby
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model 339C/ D Buffalo Mk. I
 1/32 model 339C/ D Buffalo Mk. I
In 1940, Great Britain was left alone in its fight against Nazi Germany. However, the USA, being the biggest democratic world power, managed to find ways to help the UK and one of the means was a weapon supplies. However, the aircraft types to be delivered were of rather various quality, there were some excellent types indeed, while some others were almost unsuitable. One of those types the UK had put big expectations in were Brewster Buffaloes. Soon after them being delivered, the British RAF found out, though, that the Mk.I version machines were not suitable for the European battlefield. Having realised that, the RAF transferred the Buffalo fighters to the Pacific with the hopes of them being far better against Japanese aircraft, this led to the British Buffaloes being known mainly for taking part in the defeat of British forces in Malaya and Burma. It soon became clear that Japanese fighters, supporting their ground forces in the devastating attack against Singapore, possessed much better performance than their British counterparts. On top of that, the British were usually taken by surprise and the Japanese fighters enjoyed their advantage of height and speed.
Now, we are happy to be able to bring you a re-release of our 1/32 British Buffalo model kit. It comes with no less than nine sprues with plastic parts, an injected clear canopy, set of resin parts and a PE-fret. The decal sheet provides for four eye-catching camouflage schemes of the Buffaloes from the fightings over Singapore and Malaya. There are machines of RAF No.453 (RAAF), No.488 (RNZAF), No.243 and RAAF sqn No.21, each of them is adorned with some cartoon or other embelishment, as for example a dragoon, a doggie or a boxing kangaroo and the last of the machines wears a tally markings in form of small swastikas standing for the pilot´s victories during the Battle of Britain. The model will be offered only in a limited quantity.
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