Data Protection

Protection of personal data

The customer provides his data voluntarily, he has the right to access his data, the right to change them and other legal rights to these data. The vendor promises to protect all personal data provided by his customers. All data are used strictly for the use of the vendor, following the law Nr. 101/2000 Code of law about the personal data protection.

We follow the law Nr. 101/2000 Code of law about the personal data protection, which specifies the rights and the duties of those who provide their personal data and those who work with these data. To make sure that your parcel gets directly to you or to communicate with you, we need certain contact information: name, address, phone number, E-mail address (our Turkish customers newly have to providetheir  ID card number). If you are a company and need an invoice for our goods, we need additional information: company name, VAT number, account number). By providing these data, you give us your permission to collect, use and transfer your personal data.

We save your data to our database, so that you don’t have to fill in the whole registration form with every new purchase – all you have to fill in is your name and password. These data are confidential and we never give them to a third party. The only exception are courrier services (Czech post, PPL, TNT, GLS, InTime or DPD) who get your address with every parcel in order to deliver it. You can request at any time to have your data removed from our database.

Even though Special Hobby cannot guarantee that there won’t be any unallowed access to the data, be assured that protection of your data is one of our priorities.

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