Fiat CR.32 Freccia/ Chirri

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Scale plastic kit of Aircraft Fiat CR.32 Freccia/Chirri
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Type Aircraft
Product Plastic kits
Era Word War II
Scale 1/48
Edition Special Hobby
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Fiat CR.32 Freccia/ Chirri

The Italian Fiat CR.32 Freccia was the pinnacle of Italian biplane fighter plane design of the early 1930´s. Because of its flying qualities, it saw service with air forces on four continents. Despite being rather obsolete by the time the war broke out, the Freccia went on flying in the first line service well up to 1942. They also managed to make a name for themselves during the Spanish Civil War where they flew with Italian volunteer units as well as piloted by Spanish nationalists. In Spain, Fiat CR.32 fighter planes enjoyed their finest hour and they were even licence-built there and known as the Chirri. However, the Fiats saw their very first combat action in faraway China as this country had bought the first series of the fighter. Yet another countries bought this type as well, these were South-American countries of Paraguay or Venezuela, in Europa the aicraft was used by Austria (and following the Anschluss or Annexation by Nazi Germany they continued their service with the Luftwaffe) and also by Hungary. Italian Freccias saw service in their homeland as well as in the Balkans or in the hot skies of Africa, where, flown in an attack role, they were characterized by having an enlarged radiator and bomb racks fitted.

The Fiat CR.32 model (ex-Classic Airframes) consists of two sprues of grey styrene, a set of detailed resin parts and two photo-etched frets (one is pre-coloured). The decal sheet and instruction leaflet offer a choice of two Italian machines, the first of which was flown over Greece, the other in Africa. Amongst another options the modeller can choose between a Hungarian machine which took part in so called "Little War" between Slovakia and Hungary in March of 1939 and a machine flown by the fourth highest scoring Spanish nationalist pilot Ángel Salas Larrazábal.

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