December 2018

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Kittyhawk Mk.III "P-40 K Long Fuselage" 1/72

Model of a WW2 US fighter aeroplane with export markings. The kit contents: three grey styrene sprues, one clear sprue, a sheet of decals and a full colour instructions. The decals offers the four following options: - RNZAF as flown in the Pacific - FAB (Brazilian AF) - RAF operated in Africa -RAAF based in New Guinea detailed and highly accurate model easy assembly colourful marking options accurate decals with full stencils for those who wish to skyrocket the detail levels, we offer a wide variety of resin sets
18.69 €

AH-1G - Emerson Electric M28 (dual weapon) turret for Special Hobby / Revell 1/72

The AH-1Gs from the later batches differed from the earlier ones by having a M28 dual weapon turret in their noses. This turret enabled the use of various combinations of the Minigun or grenade launcher depending mainly on the pilot’s preferences. The very same feature is possible here with our detailed resin set. The new turret easily and directly replaces the styrene item.
6.00 €

Defiant Pilot`s Cockpit set, for Airfix kit 1/48

Designed to fit the new Airfix 1/48 Defiant kit, this set enhances the front cokpit and offers detail pilot’s seat with belts, fuselage bulkhead separating the front and rear cockpit compartments (the gunner’s cockpit set no.4365 is to follow shortly), the instrument panel, sidewall control levers and fuselage fuel tank situated forward of the cockpit.
11.70 €

AH-1 Sitting pilots (2 figures) and ground crew (1 figure) for Special Hobby 1/72

Figures of a US AH-1 Cobra pilot and weapon systems operator can hugely enliven cockpits of Special Hobby’s G/Q/S Cobra kits. The figures are cast together with their seats, each of them in a different pose and their arms come as separate parts. The front cockpit weapons operator has his helmet on while the pilot in the rear holds the helmet and flying gloves on his lap. The figures are joined by a standing ground crew member which is cast as one piece.
11.70 €

AH-1G Early - Emerson Electric TAT-102 (single weapon) turret for Special Hobby / Revell kit 1/72

The TAT-102 was a remotely-controlled gun turret installed to early batches of the AH-1Gs. It contained one 7.62mm Minigun or alternatively a grenade launcher. This resin cast turret brings higher levels of detail than the styrene item from the kit.
6.00 €

Beaufighter TF Mk.X Cockpit set, for Revell kit 1/48

Why not bring some more detail into the 1/48 Beaufighter model. Here is a new and nicely detailed pilot’s seat with belts, new instrument panel, side consoles, rudder pedals and control column. The set contains also a piece of clear film with pre-printed instrument faces. The set directly replaces the kit parts, no need to cut the styrene.
8.00 €
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