1/35 Austro-Hungarian WWI 24 cm Mörser M.98

Art.No.: 129-RA057 Product number: 8595593125022
Availability: Yes
1.735 Kč
Weight 0.1481 kg
Era Word War I
Edition Resin Armor
Product Full resin kit
Origin Austro-Hungarian
Scale 1/35
Type AFV
Instruction Sheet:Download pdf
Special Hobby Manufacturer: Special Hobby
1/35 Austro-Hungarian WWI 24 cm Mörser M.98

An all-resin kit of an Austro-Hungarian WW1 mortar. The master has been designed and produced using 3D CAD/CAM system. The model offers splendid levels of detail, similar to those of our other kits of WW1 weapons.

The M.98 mortar was the first state-of-art Skoda-produced mortar to be introduced to the Austro-Hungarian army and also the first one to be towed by motor vehicles. It was a high quality weapon which service was restricted only by unsuitable ammunition causing rather small range of fire. At the beginning of the war, the Austro-Hungarian army operated 12 batteries each with 4 mortars, in 1917 30 mortars were still in service, however, only a year later, the army had not more than two batteries left.

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