L-39ZA/ZA ART Albatros 1/48

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Origin Czechoslovakia
Product Plastic kits
Type Aircraft
Era Modern
Edition Special Hobby
Scale 1/48
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Special Hobby Manufacturer: Special Hobby

SH48167 - L-39ZA /ZA ART Albatros 1 /48

L-39ZA/ZA ART Albatros 1/48

The L-39 Albatros is a Czechoslovak jet aircraft that was used for pilot training throughtout the Warsaw Pact and was also successfully exported to many Third World countries. A light attack version was also developed and known as the L-39ZA, which featured a strenghtened wing structure with hardpoints enabling the type to carry external armament and was also equipped with a belly 23mm twin barrel cannon GSh-23. The L-39 still remain in service even after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, and found its way also to military of some new NATO member countries. The avionics of Czech and Slovak machines underwent an upgrading programme, newly produced machines of this standard were exported too, one of the most important export contracts was for the modernised L-39ZA/ART for Thailand.

Kit no.SH48167 comes on three styrene sprues and contains also one clear sprue with the canopy which is split up into several sections and allows the modeller to display the canopy in open position. Resin parts and a set of photo-etches is also in the kit. The decal sheet has markings for one Thai L-39ZA/ART machine, a Czech L-39ZA in two various schemes and an Algerian L-39 which is depicted in three various schemes (the machine was overhauled at Aero following a hard landing). The final option brough via the decal sheet and camo schemes is a Czech machine as test-flown by Israeli pilots and wearing IAF markings.

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