Lloyd C.V serie 82 1/48

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Weight 0.2366 kg
Origin Austro-Hungarian
Product Plastic kits
Type Aircraft
Era Word War I
Edition Special Hobby
Scale 1/48
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Special Hobby Manufacturer: Special Hobby

SH48044 - Lloyd C. V serie 82 1/48

Lloyd C.V serie 82 1/48

Category C aircraft, i.e. two-seater, armed, reconnaissance aircraft were frequently used by both the German and the Austro-Hungarian air forces. The Lloyd C.V. recce aircraft were used by the Austria-Hungaria also for gunfire control. The design of the new Lloyd was remarkable; especially the wings, which were covered with a 1.2 mm thick veneer and had excellent aerodynamic characteristics. The first Lloyd C.V. series 46 aircraft started to serve with operational squadrons on the Eastern front in Galicia in September 1917. The type´s initial deployment was not trouble free and the pilots would complain mainly about the non-standard controls, these being  replaced by standard ones (steering-wheel control, etc.) by November 1917. Subsequently, Lloyds proved to be sturdily designed planes with good manoeuvrability. As the production was not able to meet the demand and the Daimler power units were also in short supply, it was decided to commence a licence production of Benz engine-equipped Lloyd C.V series 82  in WKF company. At the height of their operational use as many as 12 units (Flik) of the Austro-Hungarian Air Force were equipped with Lloyds. Some planes had a small coffin-shaped box encompassing the machine gun on their upper wing while others only had a cylindrical tank there. Eventually, when the planes were found unsuitable for the front line because of their insufficient power they continued to be used in pilot training.
The kit´s three styrene sprues have been accompanied by 3D-designed resin parts and a set of photo-etched details. The scheme options offer three Austro-Hungarian Air Force machines, one of them in two various styles.

Two frames with styrene parts are accompanied by 3D-designed resin parts and photo etches. The decal sheet offers markings for three Austro Hungarian machines. Two of these planes flew over the Eastern front, the third was seen over Albanian fron in the Balkans and our kit show this machine in two styles. What might be of interest of domestic modellers, it was usually flown by K.Janhuber, a pilot of Czechoslovak origin who would later become a very famous flight instructor.

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