Austro-Hungarian WWI 30,5 cm Belagerungsmőrser M.11 /Škoda30,5 cm Haubitze

Art.No.: 129-RA056 Product number: 8595593123769
Availability: Yes
2.295 Kč
Weight 0.4973 kg
Origin Austro-Hungarian
Era Word War I
Type AFV
Product Full resin kit
Edition Resin Armor
Scale 1/35
Instruction Sheet:Download pdf
Special Hobby Manufacturer: Special Hobby
Austro-Hungarian WWI 30,5 cm Belagerungsmőrser M.11 /Škoda30,5 cm Haubitze

The 30.5cm M.11 Mörser was a large caliber howitzer developed by Skoda Works between 1907 and 1911. In 1912, it was finally introduced to service as the M.11 Mörser. The outbreak of World War One saw the Austro-Hungarian army equipped with as much as 24 of these high-performance weapons. Possessing such high performance and being of rather light weight (32.9 ton) made this weapon very unique, and what is more it was possible to dismantle and transport the howitzer in three parts, making it state-of-art piece with no real competition in its category. Because of these features, the weapon was used not only by the Austro-Hungarian army on the Russian and Italian front, but it was also in service with the German army which borrowed four batteries, each with two guns together with their crews, and put them rather successfully into action while conquering the Belgian fortified positions of Namur, Liege, Antwerp and Givet and also when the Germans bombarded Verdun and Toul fortresses in France and Osowiec on the Eastern front.

This splendidly detailed rendition of the M.11 Mörser has been designed using our CAD 3D technology and a 3D printer. It rightlfully stands on the very top as far as cast resin kits are concerned.

The kit will allow the modeller to build it in either firing position with the barrel pointing upwards or in the loading position with the barrel placed horizontally. The modeller also may choose if he wants to have the breech closed or keep it open having the projectile inside. The projectile itself was transported into the breech using a loading gear made from a two-wheel cart moving in a pair of rails.The projectile, two wheeler and the rails are also offered to the modeller within this kit.

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