Harvard Mk.II/IIA/IIB ‘The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan’ 1/72

Product Code: 100-SH72447
Product EAN: 8594071088057
Manufacturer: SPECIAL HOBBY s.r.o.

18.69 €
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Scale: 1/72
Era: Word War II
Origin: New Zeland, Canadian, british
Newsletter: news21-04, news22-02
Type: Aircraft
Edition: Special Hobby
Product: Plastic kits
Weight:0.2120 kg
Instruction Sheet

  North American had been established in the 1930s and became most famous  for designing and producing the iconic P-51 Mustang fighter aeroplane. But even before that, their first product made its name in the world of aviation – and it was the single engine training aeropleane, which prototype example was known as the NA-16. Since the first flight, the type underwent development which step by step turned it into a modern-looking, all-metal aeroplane with retractable undercarriage. The production line gave several various versions which were used throughout the war and even in the post-war era.  The USAAF knew the type as the AT-6 Texan, with the US Navy and Marines, the type got the designation SNJ.
During the war as well as in the later years, the type saw service with many air forces all around the world. The type was also produced for the military of Commonwealth countries where it flew as the Harvard Mk.I to Mk.IV. The Harvard Mk.IIB was the name which bore airframes licence-produced in Canada by Noorduyn. The versions differed by having various styles of the canopy and its framing, the internal equipment as well as by being fitted with various armament. The Harvards became the true legend as very large number of pilots from all around the world, including those from occupied Europe, got their wings flying these machines within the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.
   The AT-6G model kitted by Academy is the post-war version of the Texan. So, to make it into a true war horse, we had to add a new sprue of clear plastic parts joined by a handful of resin items and voila here it is, a Harvard in several various colour finishes as flown by STVS units in a couple of Commonwealth countries. The decals offer markings for a yellow RCAF Harvard as operated from Medicine Hat base, a South Rhodesia machine is in natural metal overall with yellow trim, which is also seen on camouflaged RNZAF and RAF machines, the latter also sporting a Polish checkerboard on its nose. The final option is again a yellow-overall machine of the RIAF as flown with SEAC roundels.

  • Highly attractive model in the version which has never been kitted before.
  • Interesting camouflage schemes
  • Detail resin parts already in the box
  • Paint masks also available under cat.no. M72024
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