Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7Trop ‘Braving Sand and Snow’ 1/72

Product Code: 100-SH72462
Product EAN: 8594071088514
Manufacturer: SPECIAL HOBBY s.r.o.

16.89 €
In stock
Scale: 1/72
Era: Word War II
Origin: german
Edition: Special Hobby
Newsletter: news22-03
Weight:0.2380 kg
Instruction Sheet

      If you hear ‘Messerschmitt Bf 109’ it no doubt is a synonym for a fighter aeroplane. And what an aeroplane the one-oh-nine was. In active service from 1936 until 1954 in a number of countries, in front line duty since the Spanish Civil War and remained till the end of the Second World War, and some machines even in a couple of post war years. The so-called Emil, which name stands for the 109 E version, was the first version of the type to have been equiped with the DB601 powerplant. It is arguably unmistakably connected with the outbreak of the hostilities, the attack on Poland, Western Europe and Scandinavia. The Battle of Britain was the pinnacle of Emil’s career though, and the type went on to serve with no less success also over the Balkans, Africa or Malta. Until 1941, alongside the most iconic aircraft of all times, the Spritfire, the Emil was the very best the fighter pilots of those time could fly.
    Our model brings no less than four schemes of machines flying over north Africa. Various schemes have been picked up to show how colourful and eye-catching the machines in desert colour might be. And to make the matter even more interesting to the modeller, one of the schemes feature the machine with one of its wings replaced with a new one in European style colours. The parts of the kit are laid out to two styrene sprues and a small one with clear parts. You can build the model with engine cowl and wing gun panels removed, with the wing flaps down and slats in the open position. 

  • superbly accurate and very finely detailed model
  • easy assembly
  • can be built with the engine cowl removed
  • can be displayed with open slats and flaps down
  • accurately designed decals featuring markings for four machines, including full set of stencils
  • paint masks for wheels and clear parts available too
  • wide range of separate detail sets available
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