Novinky ze Special Hobby 05/2023

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  As we have already announced before, this May Newsletter brings not just the usual information on the released models and sets, but also their adjusted prices. Not just the usual price increase, no, we have changed the prices both ways, up and down. If there is the increase, it usually is by mere 10% whilst the reduction can be up to 25%. And we do believe that the price reduction of the older models or sets might have an impact on their sales. On the other hand, the price increase of new models is not any dramatic indeed, mostly even not covering the skyrocketing prices of energies and raw materials needed for their production.

   The May issue of the Special Hobby Newsletter brings the information on the new, radial engined version of the Potez 25 biplane. The box top art portrays a Potez flown by Estonian pilots and not just as the triangle shaped national markings do look unusually tempting. Estonia in the pre-WW2 years did quite a lot of business with Czechoslovakia and the military of this Baltic country purchased aeroplanes in France and Britain, but also from Czechoslovak aircraft industry. And it is very unfortuntate and sad that the freedom and independence of both Estonia and Czechoslovakia was brought to an abrupt end in 1939 when two European moustached dictators, Herr Hitler and Comrade Stalin took the decision to divide Europe. Nazi Germany invaded the remaining territory of Czechoslovakia (whose border regions had already been seized by Germans a year before), Stalin’s Soviet Union took the Baltic countries including Estonia and most of their airmen were imprisoned in Soviet gulags. Their fate, that should not be forgotten especially today as another dictator desires to revive the Soviet Union. Another of our May new releases is the very first Swedish-made jet plane, the SAAB J/A-21R in 1/72 which is kitted both in the fighter and ground-attack versions in one box. The final one of our May releases, or at least those in the styrene format, is the quarter scale kit set of the US aviation legend, the J-3 Cub. The kit bears the title ‘Cub goes to war’ to remind us all of the fact that very many of the brave US airmen who fought in WW2 had their initial training in this aircraft. What is more, even subtle-looking, made of thin metal tubes and covered in fabric, these Cubs also known in the military as Grasshoppers, often achieved much more combat success than other, all metal and more powerful engine-equipped types.

  Our range of sets and figures is also very wide really. Your attention should be attracted by the first figures produced by the direct 3D print. Both in 48 and 72 scales, we have for you a set with an Africakorps soldier with a camel. Excellent, as it cannot be produced in the same quality by any other means, is the 3D printed set, or perhaps we should call it a miniature assembly kit, with the M2 flamethrower. Among our resin cast sets, we would like to focus your attention to the two various styles of Hurricane exhausts made for Revell’s 1/32 model as well as yet another set designed to make the 1/72 PT Boats look much more detailed. And that is not all indeed. The very complete list of our May new releases is here for you below this editorial. 


A. Riedel



SAAB J/A-21R ‘First Swedish Made Jet’ 1/72 Scale Barcode
100-SH72480 1/72 8594071089221

The SAAB J-21A was developed and manufactured during WW2 powered by a piston DB605 engine. In the post war years however, the type was redesigned further and was fitted with a jet engine, and so the J-21R variety was created to become the very first jet plane of Swedish design. (the first such powered airfame on Swedish skies though was the Vampire Mk.I, 1/72 scale stavebnici SH72339 DH.100 Vampire Mk.I 'The First Jet Guardians of Neutrality' is recommended here). The SAAB J-21R was in use as a fighter aeroplane while the ground attack version bore the designation A-21R, these airframes being able to carry unguided missile projectiles or a machine gun pod under the belly. 
  The model kit consists of three styrene sprues, one with clear parts, etches and resin parts. The decals cater for three Swedish machines.

-    Very unique looking machine
-    Etches and resin parts contained in the box
-    External armament parts already in the box too

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J-3 Cub 1/48 Scale Barcode
100-SH48220 1/48 8594071089245

The light and cheap J-3 Cub aeroplanes were behind the development of the civil aviation in the USA in the late 1930s. With the end of the world crisis the interest in aviation increased and the J-3 was an ideal type for the basic training and tourist flying. With WW2 coming, the J-3 came into the sights of the military and the USAAF decided to test the type in the artillery spotting and short range recon roles. Needless to say the J-3 succeeded and the production for the military commenced under the designation L-4 Grasshopper.
   The model kit comes on two grey styrene sprues and one with the clear parts. The decal sheet offers markings for three airframes. The yellow one portrays a pre-war machine and is accompanied by two military machines. The first of these was an ex-civilian airplane wearing olive drab coat over the still partially visible yellow overall. The other military-flown machine is in the standard olive drab and neutral grey colours.

-    Attractive colour scheme options
-    Also available for this model – masks, 3D printed engine, resin wheels
-    Truly iconic aeroplane

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Potez 25A2 ‘Jupiter Version’ 1/72 Scale Barcode
100-SH72420 1/72 8594071089207

The Potez 25 was one of the most widely used aeroplanes of the 1920s and 1930s. The Potez company produced its type 25 not just for the French Air Force and Navy, the biplane was also exported to any countries in Europe, Asia and Americas. In some of these countries the type was also manufactured under licence. The Potez 25 was mainly powered by in-line engines, some versions could also be fitted with a radial, most often of the Jupiter type. And this is also the version portrayed now by our kitset and the marking options cover machines as flown in Estonia, Finland and Yugoslavia.

-    Interesting variety of the original Potez 25
-    Wheels or skis undercarriage option
-    Eye-catching selection of colour schemes

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Ki-43-II Hayabusa Masks 1/72 Scale Barcode
100-M72047 1/72 8594071089269

Pre-cut paint masks for the clear parts and undercarriage wheels of the Japanese Ki-43-II Hayabusa fighter aeroplane model kitted by Special Hobby.

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J-3 Cub Masks 1/48 Scale Barcode
100-M48015 1/48 8594071089290

Pre-cut paint mask for both the inside and outside of Specia Hobby‘s J-3 Cub glazing and also for the undercarriage wheels.

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PT-579/588 Engine Compartment Ventilation 1/72 / for Revell kits Scale Barcode
129-N72043 1/72 8595593130217

Resin cast set that directly replaces the styrene parts PT-579/588 boat ventilation fan parts and these new parts offer much better levels of detail compared to the kit items.

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P-51B/C Mustang Control Surfaces 1/72 / for Arma Hobby kit Scale Barcode
129-7514 1/72 8595593130279

Resin cast control surfaces that can be posed as deployed.

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Hurricane Mk.I/II Ejector Type Exhausts 1/32 / for Revell kit Scale Barcode
129-Q32410 1/32 8595593130309

New ejector type exhausts with fine details, a lot better than the kit styrene items. Designed to fit the new Revell’s Hurricane model.

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Hurricane Mk.II Fish Tail Type Exhausts 1/32 / for Revell kit Scale Barcode
129-Q32411 1/32 8595593130316

New fishtail type exhausts with fine details, a lot better than the kit styrene items. Designed to fit the new Revell’s Hurricane model.

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3D printed Parts

M2 Flamethrower 1/35 Scale Barcode
129-P35011 1/35 8595593130323

The M2 Flamethrower  was among the very important weapons of the US infantry in WW2. Our finely detailed, 3D-printed flamethrower comes with the frame structure and fabric reinforcement.

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AK-74MN Soviet/Russian Assault Rifle 1/35 Scale Barcode
129-P35018 1/35 8595593130408

Both the Russian aggressors and the units defending Ukraine are armed with the AK-74MN assault rifles now in the war in Ukraine. This weapon, a development of the AK-47, is widely used by many armies and militant groups around the globe. Our set brings two examples of the AK-74MN with the wire type arm rest. Etches also included.

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Afrikakorps Soldier Riding Camel 1/72 / 3D Printed Scale Barcode
129-F72388 1/72 8595593130590

Figure of a German soldier, a member of the Afrikakorps, portrayed as riding a camel in the African desert. The figure as well as the beast are both 3D printed, using the same design as set F48389 does.

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Afrikakorps Soldier Riding Camel 1/48 / 3D Printed Scale Barcode
129-F48389 1/48 8595593130606

Figure of a German soldier, a member of the Afrikakorps, portrayed as riding a camel in the African desert. The figure as well as the beast are both 3D printed, using the same design as set F72388 does.

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