October 2018

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Dornier Do-27 Control Surface set for Special Hobby kit 1/72

Resin accessories for scale plastic kits.
10.70 €

U-Boot IX Bow Torpedo w/Loading Winch and Cart, for Revell kit 1/72

Just another set in our series of arguably the world’s best resin cast sets designed for German submarine models. This set has been designed for the U-Boot Type IX and offers the modeller with the option to show in open position the deck hatch which allowed the submarine’s forward torpedoes to be put inside the vessel using a loading winch. Major parts are made of resin, the master patterns were 3D designed. Tiny parts, which would lack necessary strenght if cast too, are injection moulded into metal type moulds.
34.90 €

U-Boot IX Stern Torpedo w/Loading Winch and Cart, for Revell kit 1/72

Yet another of the world’s best resin cast sets tailored for German submarine models. This set is made for the U-Boot Type IX and enables the modeller to open the deck hatch which was used for loading rear torpedos into the submarine using an onboard winch. The master patterns were 3D designed, large parts are cast from resin and tiny parts which could not be produced by the means of resin casting are injection moulded into metal type moulds.
23.70 €

Fieseler Fi 103 / V-1 1/32

A model of the German unmanned missile, the infamous V-1 flying bomb which was designed and used for terror bombing of London and the UK. When the Allies invaded France, the missiles were also aimed at Antwerp, Liege and Brussels, both from land-based launch sites and aircraft.
26.20 €

U-Boot VII-IX Ammo and Food Supplies, for Revell kit 1/72

During the war, German submarines often stayed at sea for very long time and supplies of food and ammunition had to be taken aboard in large quantity, either when the submarine was in the port or even at sea from other supply ships or even supply submarines.Now, we are bringing these food and ammo crates in the form of a nicely detailed resin set, which can be used with other models too.
9.00 €
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