Piaggio P.108B 1/72

Product Code: 100-SH72406
Product EAN: 8594071087357
Manufacturer: SPECIAL HOBBY s.r.o.

63.30 €
In stock
Newsletter: news20-06, news22-05
Scale: 1/72
Edition: Special Hobby
Product: Plastic kits
Type: Aircraft
Era: Word War II
Origin: italian
Weight:0.444 kg
Instruction Sheet
129-H1010 In stock
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129-H1011 In stock
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129-H1020 In stock
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129-F72045 In stock
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   The Piaggio P.108B kit had already been re-released once in June 2020. And we unfortunately did not manage to estimate the requested number of the kits needed to satisfy all the modellers. The kit got sold out fairly quickly. So, now the kit is being released
once again. The type was the sole Italian four-engined bomber of  WW2 and was mainly used to fly long-range bomber missions against Gibraltar and targets in Africa. Our model brings both styles of the nose section, with as well as without the gun turret. A total of four styrene sprues is joined by a fifth one, 3D-designed sprue, one clear parts sprue, a sheet of decals catering for three Italian airframes and one captured by the US troops.
-    Re-release featuring a new sprue and new resin cast parts
-    Both nose styles
-    Decals for four aeroplanes including one US captured

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