F-16 Fighting Falcon Flying in Air Forces around the World

Kód: 170-DH002
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Výrobce: H.M.H. Historical Military Heritage rsbl
F-16 Fighting Falcon Flying in Air Forces around the World

A close up of all the F-16 variants in service today, from the MLU up till the F-16 E/F block 60, in service with 23 different countries!    

This book contains with over 330 photographs in 108 pages.   

Size: 240 mm x 240 mm, high quality paper

Every detail of the airframe, cockpit, maintenance and action  photograpy, covering all the types.

Some photographs were taken specifically for this book by F-16 pilots !

Author: Nicolas Deboeck, Robert Pied
Series: Aircraft In Detail
Volume: Nr. 002
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 108 pages
Dimensions: 240x240
Language: English
Released: 2017
Publisher: HMH Publications

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