T-33A T-Bird „Over Europe“

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Product Plastic kits
Scale 1/32
Edition Special Hobby
Type Aircraft
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Hersteller: Special Hobby
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T-33A T-Bird „Over Europe“
US T-33A machines became the world’s widely used jet trainer aircraft. The list of its users is impressively long. The service career of this aircraft cannot be included on one decal sheet of one kit. We had to choose the most interesting, particularly from the machines that served in Europe. We chose US, German, French and Dutch machines. US 57. FIS. machine was deployed to Iceland and during its service its camouflage changed from multi coloured one with mouth painting on its nose to overall grey with red markings and black and white checkers. German machine from JG71 sports Hartman’s tulip painting on the nose. The French machine is of note for its fancy coloured fin that featured marking of several units tha machine subsequently served with. Even the relatively sober camouflaged Dutch machine was fancy coloured with colour markings, as the trainer machine should be.
Huge box contains six sprues with grey plastic parts, injected clear parts (part of them is injected from metal mould), detailed resin parts, coloured photo-etched fret and three A5 format decal sheets.
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